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Sportwoche Ossiacher See


Our sportsweek was quite an adventure.

D: At first all four classes met in front of our school. We loaded our bikes and bags in the bus and left Bischofshofen at eight o´clock. After about two hours we arrived in Carinthia near Ossiachersee at Hotel Egger.

Before we rode our bikes to the localities where the sports took place, we had lunch. My group went to the kayak base, where we learned the basics of kayaking.
On the next days I always had tennis after breakfast and kayak after lunch. In the evenings there was enough free time to play football, soccer, volleyball and table tennis, jump into the pool or chill in our rooms listening to music.We also cycled to Gerlitzen Strandbad, where we were allowed to swim in the lake or have a snack or ice cream at the restaurant.
The weather was always really beautiful except for some evening thunderstorms.I always wore shorts and T-shirts and I had to rub sunlotion on my skin for sun protection. So, I blessedly didn´t get a sunburn!
All in all the sports week was really, really cool but also strenuous, so we were dog tired after all the sports activities – and the short nights : ).

A: The activities I had chosen were wonderful. Climbing was quite strenuous, however, we had a lot of fun. I liked riding too, because the horses were cute and we learned new interesting details about western riding. Some students complained about our riding teacher but I think she was really nice.

By David and Amela 4C


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Technik bewegt

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